Deep Down In Manor House

19/12/2009 20:00atDeep Down In Manor House
17 Overbury Road, Manor House,, London, London and South East N15 6RH
Cost: £4/5

The line up features some of the most forward thinking electronic DJs around. XL and Ed Banger’s Japanese electronic maestro, ZONGAMIN, will be unleashing his first ever warehouse DJ set. Known for many a dancefloor smasher such as ‘The Bongo Song’ and ‘Serious Trouble’. Alongside Zongamin will be one of House and Bass’ producers to watch in 2010 DUB KULT. Having released two of 2009’s best club shakers ‘Booty Snatch’ and I Know You Want Me’ (which received positive nods from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Damian Lazarus and Optimo), the man behind Living Records will be unleashing a House and Bass set that has left parties and clubs all over the UK wowed during his 12 year djing past. Other DJs on the night include one of London’s brightest up and coming talents, resident DJ of the infamous Bastard Batty Bass parties, Tatty Bogle and Deep Down, DEBOA plus Hands on Music’s Afro inspired DJ duo MAN VS WIFE. SAINE from London’s forthcoming Shoreditch Radio will also be DJing. The party will be held at the former Eurythmic’s warehouse in MANOR HOUSE. The warehouse is situated a mere 5 minute walk from Manor House tube station. Look out for signs from Manor House tube from the SEVEN SISTERS ROAD EXIT. Tickets: £4 in advance // £5 on the door Limited advanced tickets here:

Why an AV show?

I like my visuals crisp, graphical and, dare I say it, minimalistic. In most clubs, even if the visuals are quite nice they are pretty much never in time to the music, never mind locked to the beat or even individual sounds! The idea of doing visuals that were in time, and in some way, synaesthetic has been at the back of my mind for many years and integrating visuals with my live set has been bugging me for a few years. I discovered a program called Isadora that is amazingly flexible. You can basically get it to do anything, if you scratch your head enough. It’s like a cross between programming and building stuff in Logic’s environment. It’s only recently that laptops have been up to the job of running music and visuals in synchrony – and it’s still pushing what it can handle.

I’ve always thought of music in a kind of visual way and vice versa when I do video editing. Rhythm is very important in both.

It’s also partly just wanting to do something different. Something a bit extra. When doing a live laptop set, there’s always a danger you can look like you’re just checking email or something. So I thought that something that magnifies what you’re doing onto a projector would help. I also changed my live set to be much more improvised and midi orientated rather than just playing loops. This was necessary to drive the visuals program by triggering stuff with midi and gives a much more *live* live show. A lot of the visuals have have a different events triggered for different noises. Some of it is triggered by audio and I even use the iSight camera in certain sections for that real life interaction thing.