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“There is an element of death in life, and I am astonished that one pretends to ignore it: death, whose unpitying presence we experience in each turn of fortune we survive because we must learn how to die slowly. We must learn to die: all of life is in that.”

- Rainer Maria Rilke, Selected Letters

dub KULT doesn’t serve up an arid musical mono-culture, but a rich mix. The diversity of his music is a reflection of his background � half-Indian, half-English, part-time member of both the cool crowd and the geek gaggle, neither definitively house nor techno. The music he makes is for both the head and the body. Even tunes that seem made for those moments when you’re lost on the dance-floor always have some latent, brooding meaning � an intention. Like few DJs of his generation, dub KULT understands that at the centre of clubbing madness lies a still, reflective core.

It’s a special insight into party music that’s great for your soul. Dub KULT’s records and his label, Living, get props from everyone from Steve Bug and Richard Grey to Ricardo Villalobos and Andy Weatherall, even Sven Vath. He’s put out tunes through Warp’s off shoot, Arcola, influential German labels Traum and Raum…Musik, plus he’s already done the soundtrack for Channel 4’s Burning Man film, the Tomorrow’s World Live show, as well as for legendary fetish fashion show, The Torture Garden.

And the name? Kult has it’s roots in the infamous club nights Dub ran with the Kult collective, since 1997. Dancefloors were wiggled and grooved upon from everywhere from the ICA to dodgy Dalston warehouses and swank West London clubs. Guests have included Nathan Coles, Tyler T-Bone Stadius, Richard Grey, Cylob, Evil Eddie Richards and Brit underground legend Tom Churchill.